This is were the badest and powerful of bosozoku are, we are a guild in alot of games but mostly ro we are currently on Sunrise RO Devante the founder of Bosozoku and my self the co founder and his best friend Danma or Bladest which ever
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 The Basics of My 2 Assassins

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PostSubject: The Basics of My 2 Assassins   Fri Feb 29, 2008 8:06 am

alright bitches u asked and i delivered here they are!!!! drum roll please

Starting with the very powerfull but proned to death Power build with immense Power
alright startign here
-Without LKH-
max str (leaves u with 6k stats left)
230-220 vit so u get that nice 21mil
99 int for amon ras(Exactly 99)
the choice is yours either agi or dex or luk with what ever you have left
personally id go with luk
-With LKH-
alright this is with LKH
max str
120-130 vit
99 int
and rest on luk so you have immense crit or if u want hit then yes hit hit is good =D
Personaly id go with luk cause u know me i love doing Immense Dmg


3X custom headgears or LKH
1X valk armor
2X meging or REsonance and flame lord ring
1X valk mant
1X sleipner
2X any 1 handed weps your choice

Alright what you need
3 customs (or LKH optional)
11 seyrons in the customs 1 maya p (so you hurt alot be sure to +30 all headgear customs) duh.
Armor- 3 tao gunkas with any last card of your choice (my preferance would be RSX cause if your shoved back
and sbed ur screwed cause of your lack of Resist)
Shoes should hav e 4 amon ras since ur resist wont help u hopefully kyrie does
now the weps you can mix and match
but keep it on power like 4tgs each or 4 hydras each or 2 hydras 2 tgs each wep your choice i dont care =D
for accessorys id say either mantis or owl barons
(i use barons i love lex atornia) u can also choose to mix that up if you want

PS. Remember this is a power buidl meaning u will die but hopefully own a few before dieing!

Now for the not so immense guild standard issue resist build With power aka Hybrid
this is a cheap rip of my build but not exactly it

Same as Power build yeah to bad so sad

3X custom or any headgear that cuts off demi human resist(preferably not)
1X valk armor
2X megingjard
5X valk mant
1X valk shield or platinum shield your choice i personaly dont care
1X sleipners
1X Combat Knife
3 customs 11 seyrons 1 maya p yadda yadda
valk armor 3 taos any last card of your choice
2x megingjard same thing as power
5X valk mant major diffrence here
4 raydrics
4 myst
2 jakk
2 marse
2 hode
2 dustiness
2 Marionette
2 Isis

basically put 2 X 2 in each garmet and 4 into 1 so u have 5 garmets make sure to hotkey 1 garmet
so you switch easier cause its 1 hotkey switghing the 5 garmets in order only swith when they hittign 32k on u make sure to also be able to switch wep ele if your fighting resist

and in shield put 2 thara frogs always to bad so sad no yep 2 thara frogs

combat knife u either need 4 tgs or 3 tgs and 1 Valk randgris dispell really helps agaisnt certain classes
anyways yeh now u know these are basic guild standard issue builds so you can choose one or make your own out of the 2

PS. THese builds arent exactly the same as mine infact to me their 3rd class builds and right now i sue 2nd class (i classify my builds)
3rd = worst
2nd= ok decent
1st = you will nvr see me use it against you unless your a serious minority
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Kissy Lovely
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Bosozoku Soldier

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PostSubject: Re: The Basics of My 2 Assassins   Thu May 15, 2008 1:11 pm

Good xD but u Forgot ur Power build
is a fruit for a Thana build xD
Cos i tired XD even wit 21m hp When they have Thana on them when we atk the sin will cast 4x999k evonem and how many hp leave u have >?
/gg so gotto change something in Weapon use grimtooth to get lover Def...
even in 230-220 or 120-130 man the thana can do damn high damage XD
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The Basics of My 2 Assassins
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